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"Conservatively Radical Concepts for Progressive Social Change."

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        Monday, Nov.26,2007

"Conservatively Radical Concepts for Progressive Social Change."
                                                                       A personal perspective; "the best way to stop the flow of money from the sales of narcotics being used against our liberty, health and financial stability, is to end the way we treat our fellow Americans who are addicts and users. Stopping the ineffective use of much needed taxpayer dollars, could help rebuild and restore our divided social integration and aging infrastructure.  First, I propose complete legalization of the social use of marijuana for recreation.   Second, is decriminalization, with local and state control of opiates, cocaine and similar substances, such as crack cocaine. With each community deciding how much the federal government should be involved in the project.   These first two ideas attempt to treat those who use drugs and those who are addicted to drugs as equal citizens under the Constitution of the United States of America, with as much rights and respectful dignity as any other U.S. citizen.   The huge amount of money saved from demilitarizing the drug problem, could be used for greater efforts to curb the individual of his or her desire to use, but keeping in mind the nature of freedom and liberty by not forcing people into programs which only lead to abstinence  Successful research into methods for safer and healthier lifestyles of addicts and users could lead to a safer and healthier society.   Our streets would be much safer without unregulated open drug dealing.  However, alternative programs such as, allowing assigned designated "sales areas" with strict law enforcement oversight and cooperative community effort is needed to assure everyone's safety.     I'm sure this must sound like an absurd idea to those of you without sympathy, empathy, compassion and true understanding of mankind's long history of using chemical substances and other methods of recreational enjoyment. The means of achieving euphoric and other states of being have been a part of the social fabric from the beginning of recorded history. Why then, this new social and politically correct push to eradicate this behavior?Have we become so intolerant and self-righteous that we find it easier to place blame for the failures of this democratic social experiment on a segment of the population who is being systematically outcast and segregated from the mainstream populace by the judicial system which has run amuck?   Drugs are not the answer to life's problems, nor indeed, is it the problem itself. Just one of many complex issues we must resolve, if we expect to grow into a multi-diverse culture of people from all nations, living in harmony and working together toward an agreed common goal of peace.   As I see it, drugs are not all that is destroying families. With the proper guidance and lawful respect, many families could be assured of a prosperous and healthy life, even if a member is a drug user.  There are plenty of cases inwhich children are taken from the home, due to a family member's use of drugs, no matter how well they are treated and cared for.   The judicial complex which answers to no one, not even the president needs to be examined and given some kind of oversight by the citizens of this country. No one is immune to the Supreme Court, which is not an elected body of government.   Hard working families and single parents are being stripped of their parental rights for drug sales, possession and use. The D.C.Y.F. has become the Nazis of the family structure. Often overlooking severe child abuse because they are so overzealous with prosecuting parents using and addicted to drugs, no matter how well adjusted the family life.

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The De-regulation disater . The aftermath of de-regulation

One of the biggest problems which the United States is facing economically has been DEREGULATION. **---- In my View ---- ------**When the basic fabric entwined in the regulation  of the financial  structure, including all aspects of private and government businesses BECAME UN-REGULATED BY DEREGULATION ====== The GLUE which held the whole economic system together has lost the Stickiness that bound together the program structure from slipping through the governing regulations that maintained each and every individual piece of the "Collective MASS Populace" moving toward a Co-Created future of positive actions which harm no one and create a world of equality and respect,,, which in turn - Creates an Opportunity of Love and Trust among ALL races, species, cultures, religions and origins.


Herb Anthony

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2013 3 Months 9 日 (星期六)
"Conservative radical notion progressive social change."
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"Progressive social change conservative radical concept." Written by Anthony Small vanilla Monday, November 26, 2007, "radical conservative society. Gradual change of the concept.  "A Personal Point of View," the best Way to stop the Flow of Money Selling Drugs are Used Against our freedom, health and financial stability, is the end of us treat our Fellow Americans who are Addicts and Users.  Invalid needed to stop using taxpayer Money,You CAN Help rebuild aging and Restore Our ​​social Integration infro Divided structureFirst, I recommend using the Complete legalization of marijuana social Entertainment, Two, decriminalization, local and State Control of Opium, Cocaine and similar Substances, SUCH as Cocaine, With the decision of how much each community the federal government should be involved in the project. These first two ideas, trying to treat those who use drugs and those who are addicted to drugs, As equal citizens under the Constitution the United States of America, with as many rights and mutual respect, Dignity, any other American Citizen Huge  Money from Drug problem demilitarization, CAN be Used to Prevent More HIM or HER  Hope Personal Use, BUT Keep in Mind the Nature of Freedom and liberty, not to Force People to Lead into the Program only abstinence. Addicts and users safe and healthy lifestyles. The research method is successful, could lead to a safer and healthier society, our streets will be no unregulated open drug dealing safer, however, alternatives Such as to allow the distribution of designated "sales area" Law enforcement supervision and strict social cooperation Area of ​​work is needed to ensure everyone's safety, I believe this must sound like a ridiculous idea to all of you do not have compassion, empathy Heart, compassion and true understanding of human use of chemical substances in the long history and entertainment. Its His methods and means a firm part of the euphoria and other countries is the social structure, from the beginning of the calendar History records, so why push right erradi this new social and politicalCate this behavior? We so Managing Director  Website Pleiadian Dragon's Cave of Love, Light, Empathy and Compassion

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Disparity of income of law enforcement and others in our society.

I have written on this subject before. I think our society has their priorities all back asswards. People would rather pay outrageous prices to attend sporting events, or pay per view,,,, rather than pay their local law enforcement better pay, or the military personnel better pay. NO WONDER WHY WE HAVE SO MANY COPS ON THE TAKE, and our service man and women committing suicide in large numbers. The most important people in our society; those who protect us and keep us safe in our neighborhoods and at the lower end of the Pay scale of importance.