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2013 3 Months 9 日 (星期六)
"Conservative radical notion progressive social change."
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"Progressive social change conservative radical concept." Written by Anthony Small vanilla Monday, November 26, 2007, "radical conservative society. Gradual change of the concept.  "A Personal Point of View," the best Way to stop the Flow of Money Selling Drugs are Used Against our freedom, health and financial stability, is the end of us treat our Fellow Americans who are Addicts and Users.  Invalid needed to stop using taxpayer Money,You CAN Help rebuild aging and Restore Our ​​social Integration infro Divided structureFirst, I recommend using the Complete legalization of marijuana social Entertainment, Two, decriminalization, local and State Control of Opium, Cocaine and similar Substances, SUCH as Cocaine, With the decision of how much each community the federal government should be involved in the project. These first two ideas, trying to treat those who use drugs and those who are addicted to drugs, As equal citizens under the Constitution the United States of America, with as many rights and mutual respect, Dignity, any other American Citizen Huge  Money from Drug problem demilitarization, CAN be Used to Prevent More HIM or HER  Hope Personal Use, BUT Keep in Mind the Nature of Freedom and liberty, not to Force People to Lead into the Program only abstinence. Addicts and users safe and healthy lifestyles. The research method is successful, could lead to a safer and healthier society, our streets will be no unregulated open drug dealing safer, however, alternatives Such as to allow the distribution of designated "sales area" Law enforcement supervision and strict social cooperation Area of ​​work is needed to ensure everyone's safety, I believe this must sound like a ridiculous idea to all of you do not have compassion, empathy Heart, compassion and true understanding of human use of chemical substances in the long history and entertainment. Its His methods and means a firm part of the euphoria and other countries is the social structure, from the beginning of the calendar History records, so why push right erradi this new social and politicalCate this behavior? We so Managing Director  Website Pleiadian Dragon's Cave of Love, Light, Empathy and Compassion