Saturday, August 1, 2009

If I was on my way to a cabinet meeting with Pres. Barack H. Obama

On the Way to a Cabinet Meeting I might say something like this to him;
Barack, you might turn out to be the BEST President ever, in the history of our Country. P.S. we need Universal Health care INSURANCE. No need for free health care. WE NEED -- FREE or SUBSIDIZED INSURANCE.
Also, we might be better off deregulating deregulation!!!!!

REPAIR THE FABRIC IN OUR BASIC BUILDING BLOCK OF OUR ENTIRE SOCIAL STRUCTURE. Stop the DEREGULATION of ALL that which has kept our social-economic environment together for so long. Since we began deregulating the private and commercial businesses along with less oversight within the workings of Congress,,,, WE HAVE SLIPPED INTO AN INCREASING SLIPPERY SLOPE
which could lead to the  collapsing of our society, fragmenting our collective as one populace, into a realm outside the consciousness of the World's body of Humanity.

** Herb Anthony ** Pleiadian Dragon ------ Irp Snerple

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